Zahrani Group Looks To Expand Into Fintech with BTC Mining

April 14, 2014

The Zahrani Group have announced their intention to move into the world of fintech by setting up a dedicated blockchain technology division aimed at the mining and trading of crypto-currencies, in particular, Bitcoin. Their new Chief Technology Officer, Mr. Koji Tanaka, made the announcement on behalf of Zahrani Group this week whilst also inviting applications from blockchain developers and experienced hardware and software designers who may wish to be involved in a variety of planned new tech projects at the company.

Mr Tanaka said, “There is a revolution underway in the world of finance, though many of the old-world institutions seem unwilling to accept it, let alone embrace it. We at Zahrani intend to place ourselves at the forefront of that revolution. Crypto currencies and the blockchain are going to change the way people transmit money, spend money, save money and make money. This is a train that everyone should be getting onboard if they don’t want to be left behind”.

Zahrani Group have recently been in negotiations with hardware manufacturers looking to purchase ASIC mining technology hardware systems to facilitate their new venture. They hope to be up and running within the next 3 to 4 months.

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