Zahrani Group Appoints Mr Koji Tanaka as New C.T.O.

March 13, 2014

Middle-eastern global property and fund-management and investment company, The Zahrani Group, have announced the appointment of Mr Koji Tanaka as their new C.T.O., in order to help facilitate a planned foray into the world of fintech (financial technology) development funding. Mr. Tanaka has extensive experience in the worlds of both finance and technology, having previously worked the trading floors in Tokyo under the auspices of Yamamoto Finance before moving to London and there becoming heavily involved in a number of blockchain development and incorporation projects.

The Zahrani Group are well known for their involvement in large-scale property development, management and investment projects, but are now looking to develop the tech investment aspect of their portfolio. The appointment of Mr. Tanaka is, according to Zahrani Group spokesperson Ms. Suzanne Bennett, “the first step in the planned expansion of our financial technology division”. She went on to say that “This is a very exciting move for us. We have always been known as a very forward-thinking company, and we look forward to having our horizons expanded still further by the vast reservoir of technological knowledge and experience that Koji will be bringing to the table. The Zahrani Group welcomes him on board.”

The Zahrani Group specialises in large-scale property development, management and investment projects. The Zahrani Group is constantly focusing on identifying areas in the financial landscape ripe for new development and investment, utilising the resulting opportunities to generate multiple income streams whilst also providing participation in healthy capital growth without compromising the security of the initial investment. For further information please visit .