Woman Passes Hong Kong Airport Security Without Boarding Pass

April 21, 2016

NewsStandOnline.Net (21-April-2016): A 21-year-old woman managed to enter the restricted area at Hong Kong International Airport without a boarding pass, exposing a serious security loophole, reports said today.

The woman, surnamed Man, reportedly suffers from metal problems.  Man’s mother said she felt guilty and worried that airport security staff would lose their jobs because of what her daughter did.

The young woman loves K-pop and is a fan of girls group Girl’s Generation.  She said she wanted to fly to Seoul and try to catch sight of big stars at the local broadcaster KBS.  KBS is the producer of the recent hit Korean drama Descendants of the Sun.

Man’s mother said she has had some mental problems since she was in Primary 4.  She often talks to herself and recently quit her job, her mother said.

Hong Kong Woman With No Boarding Pass Exposes Airport Security

At around 3 p.m. Tuesday, Man left her home in Tai Po.  Man’s mother asked her where was she going, and she replied that she wanted to go out for a while.

Two hours later, Man’s mother called her and asked her where she was.  Man told her she was on her way to the airport.  Her mother was very worried, but there was nothing she could do to stop her.  Airport security found Man at Gate 520 Wednesday midnight.

At first, they thought she was lost, but they later discovered she did not have a boarding pass.  Police were eventually called.

Apparently, Man had little difficulty bypassing the airport’s security hurdles.  Airport security normally checks every passenger’s boarding pass and passport, but while a security officer was busy checking another passenger’s documents, Man squeezed into the restricted area.

With no carry-on luggage, she easily went through the baggage check and metal detector and underwent automated immigration clearance at an e-Channel.

The entire process took her three minutes.  After that, she took an escalator to Gate 520, approached the counter and said she was waiting for the plane to depart to Seoul.  No plane was scheduled to depart from the gate at that time.