Tiger Beer Pays Tribute To Hong Kong’s Famed Bamboo Scaffolders

April 29, 2016

NewsStandOnline.Net (29-April-2016): Dangling off tiny pieces of bamboo from heart-stopping heights, Hong Kong’s daredevil scaffolders are a common sight on the city’s streets.

In fact, more than 4.5-million pieces of bamboo are used in construction each year, adding a unique twist to the city’s already famous skyline.

Each and every bamboo rod is unique.  They’re sourced from forest parks and grown in bamboo farms in Guangxi and Guangdong, China and their firmness, structural makeup and level of fiber can all differ by age and the fertilizers used to grow them.

For a humid place like Hong Kong, you must set up the scaffolding fast and remove it just as quickly.

Tiger Beer Pays Tribute To Hong Kong's Famed Bamboo Scaffolders

In an attempt to give those of us on the ground a chance to see what Hong Kong’s high life is all about, Tiger Beer has erected a Labor Day weekend bamboo pop-up bar from April 28-May 2.

Residents and tourists can ascend its two Tiger-branded bamboo structures, which are 1.7 and 3.1 meters high, with each piece bearing one-line pep talks to help them conquer those heights.

Since it typically takes two to three years of apprenticing until one can qualify for a license to experience the poles, participants at the Tiger Beer event use rock-climbing gear to clamber up the bamboo under the guidance of a professional climber.

After it’s all over? They’re rewarded with free Tiger beer, naturally.