Thieves Steal HK$1m Worth Of Cordyceps

April 26, 2016

NewsStandOnline.Net (26-April-2016): Thieves stole an estimated HK$1 million (US$129,000) worth of Cordyceps, a caterpillar fungus, from a pharmacy in Tsim Sha Tsui.

The person in charge of the store in Haiphong Road, surnamed Cheng, said he received a call from the security firm at 4 a.m. yesterday reporting that the burglar alarm was on, so he went to have a look.

Cheng saw that the lock was broken and the gate open. Five bottles of caterpillar fungus had been stolen, but everything else was intact.

Thieves Steal HK$1m In Cordyceps

Police checked the closed-circuit television footage and found that the thieves took only five minutes to make off with the goods.  The supply of Cordyceps has been limited in recent years.

Chinese medicine practitioners believe that the fungus is good for the lung and kidneys.  The best caterpillar fungus may be priced as high as HK$20,000 per tael (37.51 grams), which has earned it the nickname “soft gold”.