Teacher Accused Of Feeding Student Porridge With Mucus In It

June 13, 2016

NewsStandOnline.Net (13-June-2016): A teacher at a special needs school in Sham Shui Po allegedly mixed a teenage student’s nasal mucus into the food he was feeding the boy last month.

The incident on May 24 at Chi Yun School was observed by a mother surnamed Ng, who was there feeding her son.  The school, at 19 Kwong Lee Road, is for students with serious mental disabilities.

Ng twice asked the male teacher to clean up the boy’s running nose before continuing to feed him, reports said.  Instead of taking her advice, Ng said, the teacher wiped the secretion from the student’s nose with a spoon and dropped it into a bowl of rice cereal the boy was eating.

Ng said she could not help but throw up after seeing the disgusting scene.

Teacher Accused Of Feeding Student Porridge With Mucus In It

She reported the case to a school supervisor, but the teacher had cleaned up the boy’s nose by the time the supervisor arrived.

Ng took her complaint to the school management and finally got a reply on Wednesday saying the school could not see any nasal mucus in closed-circuit television footage.

The management said it would only hurt her relationship with the school should she decide to pursue the matter further.  Ng said she could not give up under pressure from the school, as the teacher’s action was simply inhumane.

She called police, who have classified the case as one of alleged child abuse.  Chi Yun School said it has launched an investigation.

Legislative councilor Fernando Cheung Chiu-hung said he would follow up on the case with the school and the Education Bureau.