Secret Camera Found In Female Toilet In Mong-Kok Cinema

June 16, 2016

NewsStandOnline.Net (16-June-2016): A Peeping Tom has been ogling unsuspecting users of a Mong-Kok cinema washroom via a remote-control camera attached to an exhaust fan.

The makeshift contraption was discovered by a woman who noticed it while freshening up after a movie in Dynasty Theater.  She reported the find to the police with the help of her boyfriend.

The woman said she had just entered the toilet when she saw the pinhole camera on an overhead ventilation fan.

Investigators said the camera had been operated from a remote location and might have been used for some time.

Secret Camera Found In Female Toilet In Mong-Kok Cinema

The incident is being treated as “illegal access to a computer with criminal or dishonest intent”.

Police are investigating whether the camera had been attached to a recording device.

Francis Fong, an information technology expert, said the camera is the type that easily picks up signals and transmits them to a receiver several meters away.  Investigators are looking into the possible involvement of cinema staff.

A spokesperson for Newport Circuit, which operates Dynasty Theatre, refused to speculate while investigations are ongoing. The cinema operator apologized for the incident and said it has increased security in washrooms and other private areas.