Returned Hong Kong Booksellers Refuse Co-Operate With Police

March 9, 2016

NewsStandOnline.Net (9-March-2016): Two of the five people missing from Hong Kong’s Causeway Bay Books store returned to the city over the past several days, but police said they were refusing to cooperate with investigators.

All five booksellers, including owner Gui Minghai, were thought to have been abducted and taken to Beijing for selling literature banned in mainland China.

Cheung Chi-ping asked Hong Kong police to cancel his missing-person case two days after his fellow bookseller, Lui Por, returned to Hong Kong and made the same request.

Both men requested no further help from the government or police and “refused to disclose other details,” police said.

Returned Hong Kong Booksellers Refuse Co-Operate With Police

A third bookseller, Lam Wing-kee, is expected to return to Hong Kong shortly. In February, all three appeared on pro-Beijing TV to confess their wrongdoings, explaining that they had been detained for illegal book trading in mainland China.

Pro-Beijing Phoenix TV reported that Gui was found selling a large number of political books banned in mainland China through online channels, “conducting illegal business for illegal benefits.”

The report said Gui admitted his guilt and that the three others confessed to “acting with Gui’s orders.”

The fifth bookseller, Lee Bo, who appeared in a separate Phoenix TV interview February 29, said that he voluntarily went to the mainland to assist in a Chinese investigation that required him to furnish evidence against people whom he declined to name.

Lee, who is a dual British-Hong Kong citizen, also said he planned to renounce his British citizenship.