Man Stands In Front Of Bus To Stop It From Leaving

April 28, 2016

NewsStandOnline.Net (28-April-2016): A man stood in front of a bus to prevent it from leaving after the driver refused to let him board.

The altercation, which lasted about five minutes, happened in To Kwa Wan at 8 am yesterday when the No. 106 bus operated by New World First Bus was on its way to Wong Tai Sin.

As it left the stop near Jubilant Place, a man suddenly rushed to the middle of the road and stopped the bus.  He put his left hand on the windshield to stop the vehicle from leaving.  A witness, surnamed Man, said the bus driver refused to let the man get on.

The driver tried to leave twice, but the man would not budge. The bus driver, nicknamed “Brother Hay” said no one was waiting at the bus stop at the time, and he stopped the bus at the traffic light nearby.

Man Stands In Front Of Bus To Stop It From Leaving

Suddenly, a man banged on the door and asked him to open it, Brother Hay said, but he refused to do so, for safety reasons.  Then the man started yelling and scolding him for not letting him on.  Eventually, some passengers said they were in a hurry to get to work, so the driver gave in and let the man board the bus.

A New World First Bus representative said the man may have violated the Public Bus Services Ordinance and could face a fine of HK$3,000 (US$386.70) and six months’ imprisonment if convicted.

Chan Shu-ming, chairman of the Motor Transport Workers General Union’s New World First Bus branch, said drivers would break the rules if they allowed passengers to alight or board after leaving a bus stop.

However, Chan said, he believed the company would handle the case carefully, as the bus driver opened the door under pressure from the passengers already on the bus.