Luohu Customs Seize 670 White Tree Frogs

April 18, 2019

NewsStandOnline.Net (19-April-2019): Luohu Customs seized 670 White’s tree frogs at Luohu Port from two men, who tried to bring them in from Hong Kong to Luohu.

The frogs were stored in 67 plastic boxes, with 10 frogs in each box. The two men claimed they caught the frogs in the river in Sheung Shui, which is part of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, and decided to use them as bait for fishing.

Luohu Customs Seize 670 White Tree Frogs

According to the law, living creatures (except dogs and cats), including invertebrates, and hereditary substances of animals are banned from being mailed or taken through customs.

Officials with Luohu Customs said that un-quarantined living animals are very likely to carry epidemic viruses that threaten the health and safety of humans who come into contact with them.

Officials said that all people should be aware of the relevant laws and rules before entering and leaving customs, and should never personally challenge the law.