Korean Mobile Coupon Firm Taps Starbucks In Hong Kong

November 30, 2015

NewsStandOnline.Net (30-November-2015): South Korea’s location-based coupon application provider YAP Company said today it has agreed to export its technology to Starbucks stores in Hong Kong, beefing up its efforts to tap the Chinese market.

YAP Company currently operates an application, dubbed YAP, in South Korea, which allows users to download coupons and discount information related to shops located near the users, including major franchises.

It stands out from its rivals as it utilizes what it calls “hybrid beacon” technology, which automatically displays discount information when a user enters registered stores.

Korean Mobile Coupon Firm Taps Starbucks In Hong Kong

The company said its beacon technology will be applied to the latest service at Starbucks in Hong Kong, which allows users to order drinks through an application and receive them upon arrival.

The service is available for the first batch of 11 shops but will gradually increase to 140 in the near future, the company said.

YAP Company has been making efforts to tap the overseas market, including rolling out a Vietnamese edition in February. It also received 22 billion won ($18.9 million) from Hong Kong-based New World Group in July.

It also has a Chinese-language edition for tourists visiting South Korea.