Man Arrested Outside Sau Yau Ping Kindergarten

May 23, 2017

NewsStandOnline.Net (23-May-2017): A 33-year-old man was arrested at gunpoint on yesterday after he was found holding a knife outside a kindergarten in Sau Yau Ping.

School authorities alerted the police after they noticed a man loitering around the premises in a suspicious manner.  According to local media, the headmistress of Shun Tin Rhenish Nursery, which is located at Tin Wan House building in Shun Tin Estate, was notified by a teacher at around noon that a man with a knife had pressed the doorbell.

The headmistress, Lee So-ching, then carried out an inspection.   She noticed that a man was wandering outside the kindergarten barefoot in a dazed manner, while holding a knife in his hands.

Lee ordered her staff to bolt the doors and windows and alert the estate security guards as well as the police.  Police officers arrived at the scene and confronted the knife-wielding man, who authorities later identified as someone bearing the surname Liu.

Liu appeared agitated and emotional and attempted to hurt himself when he saw the police. An officer gave Liu a verbal warning, while another pulled out a gun.

Man Arrested Outside Sau Yau Ping Kindergarten

Liu then complied with an order and dropped the knife to the ground, after which he was placed under arrest.  Headmistress Lee said this was the first time an incident like this has taken place in the kindergarten’s 20-year history. Around 100 students were having lunch when the knifeman was hovering outside the school.

No one was injured in the incident. The police are investigating the matter and looking into Liu’s possible motives.  According to locals, Liu was looking for his younger son who was studying at the kindergarten.  Liu, a father of two boys, is believed to be unemployed.

According to some accounts, he was at the kindergarten to pick up his younger son after school but was told the boy did not come to classes yesterday. The news is said to have made him agitated.  The police later contacted Liu’s wife, who told them that the younger son was actually with her in mainland China for a trip.