India Asks Hong Kong To Hand Over Ramanjit Singh

August 23, 2018

NewsStandOnline.Net (23-August-2018): The Indian government has formally applied for the extradition of a Hong Kong resident wanted by Interpol for his alleged links to terrorism, political killings and a prison break in his native country.

A Hong Kong government lawyer this morning revealed a formal request arrived a day earlier seeking the surrender of Indian-born Ramanjit Singh, 29. She asked a court for three more weeks to allow the Department of Justice to get Chief Executive Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor’s authority to proceed.

While defence counsel Elizabeth Herbert did not object to the adjournment, she asked the court to fix a reasonable time period to get that authority or release the defendant, in accordance with Section 10 of the Fugitive Offenders Ordinance.

“[Singh] will not consent to his surrender,” Herbert said. “In three weeks if we do not have the authority to proceed, the defendant should be discharged. This has been going on and on. First he was remanded for a case in which charges have been dropped. He’s been going through considerable hardship in custody.”

Eastern Court Principal Magistrate Peter Law Tak-chuen replied that the defence application would be heard at the next hearing on September 13.

India Asks Hong Kong To Hand Over Ramanjit Singh

The Indian government served a provisional warrant for Singh’s arrest on June 26, the same day Hong Kong prosecutors dropped a robbery charge against him, over a heist involving more than 450 million Japanese yen (HK$32.6 million) in Tsim Sha Tsui on February 9 this year.

Senior government counsel Dora Si Yuk-fung said the department received the formal request for Singh’s surrender, together with the supporting documents and exhibits, in envelopes sealed by the Indian government, yesterday afternoon.

She was granted leave on Thursday to break open the sealed envelopes to remove their contents and make copies to work on the documents.

Singh, also known as “Romi”, was first brought to court in February, when he was remanded in custody, soon before the Post reported that he was an alleged fugitive on an international wanted list for the allegations the Indian authorities had made against him.

He is accused of “conspiring in, abetting, advising and facilitating terrorist activities”, raising funds for terrorism, preparing an act of terror, and membership of a terrorist group, according to a notice issued by Interpol. He is also accused of attempted murder, robbery and breaking prisoners out of jail in the Indian city of Nabha in the state of Punjab.