Supermarket Sells Strawberries Costing HK$21 Each

February 9, 2017

NewsStandOnline.Net (9-February-2017): A single strawberry promising the “perfect balance of sweet and tart” is being sold for $21 in a Hong Kong supermarket.

The fruit is called a Kotoka strawberry and it is imported from the Japanese city of Nara.  Catering for Hong Kong’s super rich and sold by luxury supermarket chain Citysuper, the strawberry is packaged in individual boxes.

Citysuper also sells watermelons for $188 each and a bunch of grapes for $118.  However, it is the strawberry which has so far drawn the most criticism, forcing Citysuper to defend the absurdly high price tag.

Supermarket Sells Strawberries Costing HK$21 Each

The supermarket says the fruit is of “premium grade” quality and claims that it is so rare and fragile its original Japanese packaging must be imported too.

Others have disagreed. “That one heavily packaged strawberry sold in a box in Citysuper reminds me of something out of Mad Max, like it’s the last strawberry on Earth. It’s ridiculous,” Gary Stokes, Asia director for the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, said.