Hong Kong Terminal Gets New Cargo X-Ray Machine

September 22, 2015

NewsStandOnline.Net (22-September-2015): Hong Kong’s Asia Airfreight Terminal (AAT) has installed a new x-ray detection machine to improve its cargo screening process.

AAT said the new Smith’s Detection X-ACT x-ray machine offers an automated procedure for recognising any suspicious objects including weapons, explosives and narcotics in cargo shipments.

Hong Kong Terminal Gets New Cargo X-Ray Machine

It assists x-ray machine operators by localising suspicious zones in an object and alerting them that further investigation needs to be conducted by triggering an alarm and stopping the conveyer belt.

AAT general manager Khaw Hock Eng said: “This new X-ray machine together with our highly reliable cargo operation services is important in response to the increasing global security concern and air logistics needs.”

The machine also meets the security requirement set by the Hong Kong Aviation Security Programme and the US Transportation Security Administration.