Hong Kong Superstars To Visit Bangkok’s Erawan Shrine

September 15, 2015

NewsStandOnline.Net (15-September-2015): Hong Kong superstars Michelle Yim, also known as Mai Suet, and Simon Yam Tak-Wah will visit the Erawan shrine in Bangkok on Sept 22 to help restore the confidence of Chinese tourists in the wake of the deadly bombing of the shrine on August 17.

Yuthasak Supasorn, the governor of the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), said the bombing had affected the tourism industry. Several Hong Kong stars had previously visited the Erawan shrine and it was an appropriate way to restore confidence in the Thai tourism industry.

Hong Kong Superstars To Visit Erawan Shrine

The explosion on the evening of August 17 killed 20 people, the majority visiting Chinese and Hong Kong nationals, and injured another 130 people.

The presence of the two Hong Kong stars, both aged 60 years, would be a symbolic linkage between the old and new generations, Mr Yuthasak said.

He said Mai Suet was a legend, an outstanding and unique actress, and known to many people. She visited Thailand earlier this year as a presenter for a brand of Thai bird nest soup.

They both will attend the event at the shrine, scheduled for 4pm on next Tuesday, free of charge.

Srisuda Vanapinyosak, TAT’s director for East Asia, said more than 5.6 million Chinese visited Thailand in 2014. Chinese travellers spent an average 111,118 baht on a trip overseas, excluding the airplane tickets.

The TAT hopes to attract 7.99 million Chinese visitors to Thailand in 2016.