Hong Kong Sisters Flee Taipei After Trashing Rented Flat

July 15, 2016

NewsStandOnline.Net (15-July-2016): A Taiwanese landlady has complained to the police that her apartment has been trashed by two female tenants from Hong Kong and that she has also been left with unpaid rent and a utility bill.

The landlady, Mrs. Hsu said she was horrified to find her flat littered with dog and cat poop, and that there was even a dead cat inside the unit.  The discovery came as she went to check on the apartment after the tenants went missing, she said.

She said that she had rented the apartment, a 1,000 square foot unit in Luzhou District in New Taipei city, to two sisters from Hong Kong six years ago.  The tenants, said to be 44 and 38 in age and claiming to be working as tour guides in Taiwan, had leased the unit at a monthly rent of NT$18,000 (US$561).

The sisters promised in the beginning to keep no other pet except for a dog, but Hsu found out later that the tenants had kept quite a number of animals in the apartment.

Hong Kong Sisters Flee Taipei After Trashing Rented Flat

Neighbors often complained about foul odor from their flat but the sisters paid no heed.  On July 4, the landlady went to the apartment as the tenants were one month behind on rent.  It was then discovered that the sisters had left the place, leaving a huge mess behind with piles of garbage and animal feces scattered all over the place.

Moreover, there was a dead cat hanging from a curtain in one of the rooms. The animal is suspected to have died from hunger after being left behind.  Meanwhile, four kittens were also in the flat, barely alive.

Finding the apartment in such terrible condition and left with an unpaid rent for a month and an electricity bill worth more than NT$3,000, Hsu tried to contact the tenants on a number they had given.  But the number was found disconnected, prompting the landlady to call the police.

Investigations suggested that the sisters may have left Taiwan on June 23.  Despite her ordeal, Hsu is unlikely to get any relief or compensation as the sisters cannot be brought back to Taiwan, given the lack of an extradition treaty between the island and Hong Kong.  She will have to bear all the costs herself as she has to get the apartment cleaned up and sanitized after the deadly stink.