Hong Kong Police Arrest 5 In LegCoBlast

December 21, 2015

NewsStandOnline.Net (21-December-2015): Police have arrested five suspects in connection with an explosion outside Hong Kong’s legislative council earlier this month.

The blast had occurred after a planned protest against a controversial Internet copyright bill was cancelled.

Police today brought one of the suspects back to the LegCo building to reenact what happened on the day of the blast. The suspect had a black bag over his head to protect his identity, with his hands cuffed and chained around his waist.

Hong Kong Police Arrest 5 In LegCo Blast

The protest was originally planned for Dec 9, which would see protesters rallying against the bill which would extend copyright protection to the Internet. But according to police, after the protest was cancelled, some protesters set off a fire alarm and pushed through police barricades.

A small gas cylinder was lit and thrown into a bin outside the LegCo building, which caused a small blast.

Police believe that the five suspects belong to a radicalised protest group known as the Black Bloc, based on their attire.

According to reports, all the suspects are local men, and four of them are students. None of them are believed to have been charged yet.