Hong Kong Lawmakers Reject Beijing-Backed Reform Package

June 18, 2015

NewsStandOnline.Net (18-June-2015): Hong Kong lawmakers rejected a Beijing-backed political reform package earlier today as pro-democracy legislators united to vote down the divisive electoral roadmap that has sparked mass protests.

Most pro-government lawmakers staged a walkout as the bill headed for defeat, with just eight casting their vote in support of the package.

Twenty-eight lawmakers voted against it, including all 27 pan-democrats.  The bill needed the support of two-thirds of the city’s 70-strong legislature in order to pass.

Hong Kong Lawmakers Reject Beijing-Backed Reform Package

“This motion has not gained a two-thirds majority vote,” said Jasper Tsang, the president of the city’s legislative council.

“I announce that the motion has been vetoed.”

Although the Hong Kong government’s plan would have given all residents the right to vote for the chief executive for the first time in 2017, it adhered to a Beijing ruling that candidates must be vetted by a loyalist committee.

The proposal was derided as “fake democracy” by opposition lawmakers and campaigners.

“We have no idea what happened with the rest of the group suddenly deciding to leave the chamber,” said James Tien of the pro-government Liberal Party.

“We decided to stay put and vote for the bill.”

The lawmakers walked out after their request for a 15-minute suspension was rejected by the speaker.