Hong Kong Bookseller Lifts Lid On China Detention

June 17, 2016

NewsStandOnline.Net (17-June-2016):  Members of a pro-democracy group are protesting in Hong Kong following revelations that a bookseller has made on his detention in mainland China. Lam Wing-kee was among five booksellers who mysteriously disappeared in 2015.

It later turned out they had been detained by Chinese authorities because of that fact that they worked at the Causeway Bay Bookstore that sold titles criticising the country’s leaders.

Lam said he was detained and interrogated for months, and that alleged he and another three detainees wereforced to make a confession of “illegal trading”.

Some people the men were detained because of a book about President Xi Jinping.

Hong Kong Bookseller Lifts Lid On China Detention

“It was a show, and I accepted it. They gave me the script. I had to follow the script. If I did not follow it strictly, they would ask for a retake,” he told a news conference yesterday.

Following his revelations, dozens of people from pro-democracy groups took to the streets to protest against perceived China’s tightening grip on freedom of speech. Associated Press reported that protesters from the Demosisto political party tossed a newspaper, book and petition letter over the Beijing liaison office’s fence.

Hong Kong’s government said in a statement “The police are now proactively contacting Mr Lam himself to understand more and will take appropriate follow-up action,” Hong Kong media said.