Hong Kong Axes Provocative Skyscraper Art Installation

May 23, 2016

NewsStandOnline.Net (23-May-2016): Days after it was launched, organizers have canceled an art installation on Hong Kong’s tallest skyscraper that carried a politically provocative message about the city’s relationship with mainland China.

The organizers of a large-scale public art exhibition said in a statement last night that they were dropping the light show on the building, which featured a countdown to the end of Hong Kong’s status as a special region of China.

Hidden Message On Hong Kong's International Commerce Center

Local artists Sampson Wong and Jason Lam used the LED lights on the 484-meter-tall (1,600-foot-tall) International Commerce Center’s facade to display the number of seconds left until June 1, 2047, to stir debate amid growing concerns about Hong Kong’s future under Beijing’s rule.

However, the Hong Kong Arts Development Council and the show’s curator said the artists changed its title and message without consulting them.