HKU Staff Slam New Research Integrity Rules

April 7, 2017

NewsStandOnline.Net (7-April-2017): An academic staff union at the University of Hong Kong (HKU) has criticised the school’s new policy related to “malicious” complaints, saying that it would introduce “white terror” for whistleblowers.

The university in March amended its policy on research integrity which now states that the President may take appropriate action against staff members or students who make complaints “maliciously and without reasonable cause.”

The actions include issuing a written reprimand or removing the staff member from particular duties, as well as initiating a charge against the student before the disciplinary committee.

HKU Staff Slam New Research Integrity Rules

The school’s Academic Staff Association (ASA) said the new policy was ironic in that the amendment, intended to foster higher standards in research integrity, at the same time tightened the whistleblower policy.

“Evidence rather than faith should be the most important element in whistleblowing,” the association said in an email to all staff members yesterday.

“How can one measure faith which is a subjective judgement? It is almost embarrassing for a world class university now uses faith to decide upon whether to punish a staff member or not. ASA considers this measure is a deterrent for any staff that is brave enough to step up to whistleblow and introduces perceived white terror on campus.”