Green Tower Financial Celebrates 10 Years In Hong Kong

June 25, 2008

NewsStandOnline.Net (25-June-2008): Green Tower Financial this weekend celebrated its 10th anniversary since its inception in 1998.

More than 100 guests joined in with the celebrations in Hong Kong, including members of the Executive Committee and friends of the Firm.  Green Tower Financial’s well established clients were also present.

Green Tower Financial’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Justin Thorpe welcomed the guests and gave a short speech saying “When we established ourselves in Hong Kong in 1998, we set out our mission to become one of Asia’s leading Wealth Management firms.  As we celebrate our first ten years of commitment and success, we’d like to thank our clients for their confidence and trust.”

PRHIS NSO - Green Tower Financial Celebrates 10 Years In Hong Kong

For 10 years, Green Tower Financial’s Hong Kong headquarters has served the local and global needs of Clients, and advised many multinational companies on their inbound investments.

With plans to open more offices in South East Asia in the very near future, Green Tower Financial continues to draw in its global experience and continue to bring in international capabilities to assist both Chinese and multinational clients as they adapt and grow in these times of change.

Green Tower Financial’s Chairman, Mr. Wilson Hu also added “Asia has become the world’s biggest trading continent. As Asia moves from investment and exports toward consumption, the region will require more sophisticated financial services to support its economic growth and the team here at Green Tower Financial have big ideas.  The future looks pretty good.”