Filipina Bludgeoned To Death By Pakistani Boyfriend

March 30, 2016

NewsStandOnline.Net (30-March-2016): A young Filipino woman was bludgeoned to death with an electric drill by her Pakistani boyfriend after she told him she wanted to break up with him.

The 27-year-old construction worker was arrested and investigations are continuing, Hong Kong’s media reports.

Bayr Andrea, 25, who is half-Austrian and a mother of three, had gone to see the suspect, surnamed Husnain, on a construction site in Tuen Mun at 2 a.m. yesterday to tell him she was living in with another man, investigators said.

Filipina Bludgeoned To Death By Pakistani Boyfriend

She told him her new boyfriend wanted her to end their relationship.  An argument ensued before Husnain produced an electric drill and struck Andrea in the head with it.

She fell to the ground unconscious.  Husnain continued to hit the victim as she lay in a puddle of blood before he was subdued by responding policemen, according to witnesses.

Andrea was brought to hospital where she was certified dead.  Police are treating the case as murder. They have sealed the construction site as part of their investigation.  An autopsy report is pending.