Dotcom’s Hong Kong Funds Unlocked

December 3, 2015

NewsStandOnline.Net (3-December-2015): Internet mogul Kim Dotcom has been given access to some of his funds in Hong Kong to pay for his legal bills, according to reports.

The German-born founder of Megaupload has been battling extradition from New Zealand to the United States since he was arrested in a dramatic raid in 2012.

As part of that arrest, his assets both in New Zealand and Hong Kong were frozen by authorities at the request of the US.

Dotcom's Hong Kong Funds Unlocked

But a High Court in Hong Kong has now allowed him to use some of the restrained $50 million there to pay for some legal bills as well as living costs after his lawyers argued he was unable to meet his expenses, reports stated.

The HK$406,000 a month released by the court is the same amount as was granted in a similar allowance in New Zealand.

A 10-week extradition hearing for Dotcom and his co-accused wrapped up last week in the Auckland District Court, but Judge Nevin Dawson has yet to decide whether Dotcom should be turned over to US authorities.

He and three co-accused face a series of copyright-infringement-related charges and if extradited and found guilty in the US could face decades of jail time.