Anti-Mosquito Efforts Expanded To Cheung Chau Island

August 27, 2018

NewsStandOnline.Net (27-August-2018): As concerns mount over the dengue fever outbreak in the city, the government has announced that it is expanding its anti-mosquito efforts to cover the whole of Cheung Chau Island, where many of the infection cases have been reported so far.

Chief Secretary Matthew Cheung Kin-chung said last night that relevant departments have carried out anti-mosquito work within a 500-meter radius of the residences of infected patients and at all campsites in Cheung Chau.

To further ensure the safety of residents, the efforts are being expanded to cover the whole of the island, he said.

Starting Monday, more work will be undertaken, with a particular focus on wiping out mosquitoes in densely populated residential areas and in the vicinities of all schools on the island, according to Cheung.

The official said the government attaches great importance to tackling the local dengue fever outbreak, which he claimed is under control at the moment.

That said, Cheung admitted that it is possible that more dengue cases could surface in the coming days, given the three to 14-day incubation period of the virus, NewsStandOnline.Net reports.

Anti-Mosquito Efforts Expanded To Cheung Chau Island

The latest government announcement came a day after the Department of Health’s Centre for Health Protection confirmed that two more people have contracted the acute mosquito-borne disease, bringing the total number of local dengue fever cases this year to 26 as of Saturday.

Of the cases, nine are from Cheng Chau and the others from Lion Rock Park in Wong Tai Sin, which prompted the government to pinpoint them as the two main sources of dengue infection.

An “All-out Anti-mosquito Operation” has been jointly launched by multiple government departments since August 10. The program will last 10 weeks.

Meanwhile, some shop owners in Cheung Chau have noted that there has been a noticeable decline in visitor numbers to the island since the dengue cases.

Yesterday, the number of tourists who made trips to the island was only half the usual number, shopkeepers claimed.

Some visitors who made their way to the island, meanwhile, claimed that they were not too worried about the mosquito problem as they had come well prepared.