Another Fake Monk Bites The Dust

June 15, 2016

NewsStandOnline.Net (15-June-2016): A man dressed as a monk, and claiming to be one was arrested in Lan Kwai Fong after he tried to hawk Buddhist prayer beads to an undercover lawyer.

Buddhist solicitor Mary Jean Reimer paid the suspect in marked bills and shadowed him until police arrived. Reimer and her team of volunteers made sure they had enough evidence to prosecute the man in court.

Li Sihu, who admitted to impersonating a monk, was sentenced to two months in jail yesterday for overstaying his visa.

Reimer pretended to be a tourist and looked the part by wearing a blonde wig and speaking with an English accent to an unsuspecting Li, a 49-year-old home redecorator from Hubei province.

Another Fake Monk Bites The Dust

In March, Reimer exposed a fake Buddhist monk and stopped him from soliciting donations in Tai Po’s East Rail Station.

In October last year, Reimer revealed that an abbess running the Ting Wai Monastery had misused donations to support a lavish lifestyle, leading to the latter’s arrest.

Meanwhile, 54-year-old mainlander Huang Jingzhong was sentenced to two months in jail by a Sha Tin magistrate after being convicted of visa violation.

Huang got a dressing down from the judge who scolded him for damaging the reputation of Buddhism and putting real monks in a bad light.

Huang, disguised in a Buddhist robe, was caught selling prayer beads outside the Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery on May 14, Buddha’s birthday.