Andrew Leung Voted LegCo Chief After Walkout

October 13, 2016

NewsStandOnline.Net (13-October-2016): Business and Professionals Alliance lawmaker Andrew Leung was elected president of the Legislative Council in a vote marred by a walkout by opposition legislators.  Leung was elected with 38 votes while his lone opponent, Democratic Party’s James To, received no vote but three lawmakers abstained.

The opposition lawmakers were unhappy that three newly elected councilors, whose oaths were rejected during their swearing-in yesterday morning, were barred from taking part.

Some also questioned whether Leung was eligible for the position at all, despite documents that suggested he had given up his British citizenship.  According to the Basic Law, the council’s president cannot have the right of abode in a foreign country.


The vote was held only after Leung produced original hard copies of British government documents that opposition councilors had demanded for hours.  Some lawmakers had held up for the entire afternoon what was supposed to be a brief vote, by occupying the desk in the main chamber.

Pan-democrat Leung Yiu-chung had initially presided over the proceedings based on his seniority but gave up in frustration after claiming that he was getting no help from the council’s secretariat.  He also said he was unable to continue because he had questions about the proceedings that had not been answered.

The next most-senior member, Abraham Shek, stepped in and quickly moved the meeting to a smaller room where security staff barred entry to the three lawmakers whose oaths were rejected during the swearing-in ceremony.