Activist Criticises Lancôme For Cancelling Hong Kong Concert

June 7, 2016

NewsStandOnline.Net (7-June-2016): Lancôme has been asked to explain its actions after it cancelled a promotional event due to be held in Hong Kong. The brand had received backlash online after it emerged that pro-democracy singer Denise Ho was due to appear at the event.

The sold-out event, called the Energising Factory, was free of charge for consumers and was due to be held on 18 June but was cancelled over “possible safety reasons”.

Ho announced her appearance at the event on social media, sparking calls for a boycott of Lancôme products, as well as Listerine, which Ho is an official ambassador for.

Activist Criticises Lancôme For Cancelling Concert In HK

The Hong Kong based singer is known to support democracy and the independence of Hong Kong and Tibet. She supported the Occupy movement in 2014 and has allegedly been banned from performing in mainland China.

After cancelling the event, Lancôme reiterated that Ho was not affiliated with its brand.

In a statement shared on its official Facebook page, Lancôme said that the event was about sharing music and did not represent a formal partnership. It said: “Hong Kong actress Denise Ho is not a spokesperson of Lancôme. We are sorry for the confusion caused. Thank you for your continued support for Lancôme.”

Ho also addressed the controversy, responding to Lancôme’s decision to cancel the concert on her own official Facebook account. She said: “When international brands kneel down to such bullying we have to seriously address the issue.” She formally requested that Lancôme publicly explain their decision to cancel the event. She added: “The world’s values have seriously been twisted when we have to be punished for seeking freedom, justice and equality.”