6 Hong Kong Tourists Injured In Jiangxi Bridge Collapse

April 18, 2017

NewsStandOnline.Net (18-April-2017): Six members of a Hong Kong tour group visiting Jiangxi province were injured when a wooden bridge collapsed at the Dujuanshan of Jinggang Mountain on Saturday.

Some 350 tourists were lining up to enter the bridge when it collapsed, causing some 20 people to fall into the river several meters underneath.

Most of those injured were elderly people, and were rushed to the Jinggang Mountain People’s Hospital.  Six tourists remained confined due to bone fractures and lung injuries.

6 Hong Kong Tourists Injured In Jiangxi Bridge Collapse

Nine members of the group had returned to Hong Kong, accompanied by a tour guide.  The travel agency handling the group is understood to have purchased insurance for the tourists and will be responsible for the medical expenses and compensation.

A spokesperson for the travel agency surnamed Chan, said many tourists flocked to the bridge shortly before the accident happened, causing chaos at the scene.

The Hong Kong Immigration Department said it was following up on the case.  Immigration officials, along with representatives of the Hong Kong Federation of Trade Unions, visited the injured tourists in the hospital.

Dujuanshan is home to over 20 types of rhododendrons that bloom in April and May.